About John and Cindy O’Leary

With God All Things Are Possible ~ Matthew 19:26

John and Cindy O’Leary are the authors of “The Weaver’s Hand” website and blog. Their passion is to share the joy that the Lord has brought into their lives, oftentimes through difficulties and loss. They have learned the value of perseverance in the valleys of life and of thankfulness in the good times. Through trust and keeping their eyes on God, they have found purpose and meaning in life. They would tell you that “Blessings follow in the wake of sorrows borne.”

They would caution you that following Christ is not an easy road. It is not, as some say, a “gospel of prosperity” in this life. Instead, it builds treasures in heaven yet also brings lasting joy along the way through the grace of God. They have seen His hand at work, the “Weaver’s Hand,” as they have gained perspective of major life events over time.  They have learned that “the dark threads” play an important role in the pattern that God is weaving in your life. John and Cindy are currently seeing Him weave truly amazing people into their lives through their grief ministry. This growing group of friends is blessing them daily.

Married in 1985 in Anchorage, Alaska, John and Cindy were blessed with three children: Brian, Daniel, and Katie. They lived in Anchorage till 1992, at which time they moved to the state of Washington, near Seattle. In 2000, after twenty years in the northwest, they moved to Arizona.

In December of 2003, Brian had become a handsome, outgoing 18-year-old and was a senior at Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was part of a youth group at Scottsdale Bible Church and he had faith in Christ. On December 2nd, 2003, he was riding his beloved motorcycle. A young driver who didn’t see him coming in heavy traffic pulled out into the street in front of him. Brian was unable to avoid the collision. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was airlifted to a hospital operating room at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix. Within an hour, he would go to his eternal home in heaven with Christ.

The death of their son is one “dark thread” which eventually led John and Cindy into their grief ministry. They now focus on helping others heal from such loss. Over time, they met many other wonderful people who have also lost a son or a daughter. They have shared stories of their children. They have laughed and they have cried.

Cindy was one of five children of Ray and Shirley Ogle. Her siblings included two brothers and two sisters. Her brother Steven was murdered by a drunken neighbor in Prescott Valley, Arizona, on July 9th, 2010. Steven was 54 years old at the time and a believer in Christ. He had a master’s degree in mathematics and was gifted in music. Unfortunately, he suffered through the ravages of drug addiction at times over a number of years. At the murder trial, Cindy told his murderer “I forgive you.” Such forgiveness is a gift from God and it allows one to heal.

Both Cindy and John reach out to help others find their way through grief, confusion, and sadness. Most people they know have suffered in this life. It might have been caused by the death of a loved one, addiction, incarceration, or other difficulties. “The Weaver’s Hand” website is one way they seek to help. This site reaches out beyond their personal contacts and their local sphere of influence. Their hope and their prayer are that many lives will be touched through their outreach.

Photograph and Design by John J O’Leary

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