The Work of God’s Hand

How can someone look upon their daughter laughing on a spring day with flowers blooming and sunlight dappling the yard and think that this is just some sort of random chance?

Monarch Butterfly with torn wing on Mexican Bird of Paradise flower

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power, and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.
~ Romans 1:20

When I was a boy, my father would often take me fishing and hunting. Those were wonderful times! I’m so grateful to my Dad for taking me on weekend excursions or even longer vacations into the forests of Pennsylvania, the lakes of Canada, the fields of the Midwest and the mountains in Wyoming. Through those experiences, I came to have a deep love for my Dad and for the beauty of the work of God’s hand. He passed away at the age of 100 two years ago. I thank God for him.

The Bible tells us that God actually spoke things into existence through His Word, but I like to imagine Him fashioning mountains, forests, and waterfalls by hand. It is so hard for me to understand how anyone can see the intricate beauty of creation and not believe in a Creator.

How can someone look upon their daughter laughing on a spring day with flowers blooming and sunlight dappling the yard and think that this is just some sort of random chance? As she chases a butterfly that dances through the air, can we actually look upon the scene and say “All is meaningless”?

In a dry voice, I can still hear the professor droning on about how a mix of chemical soup and lightning in a primordial world over billions of years allowed carbon, nitrogen and other matter to coalesce into life. That through eons of time, even pond scum can evolve into Mozart or Leonardo da Vinci. That this world will one day be consumed by our expanding sun and every memory of it will be wiped from existence. How utterly depressing! Could the professor be wrong?

Man in all his wisdom and technology can fly to Pluto and take color photographs. He can send those images through empty space to a distant earth where we can all see them on our computer monitors or TVs. But he can’t create a mechanical camera anywhere close to matching the ability of the human eye. And every baby is born with not one but two of them! And we can see in 3D and record and understand the images through a brain that mystifies the scientist. Without the need for memory cards…

Think again on the girl chasing a butterfly. A simple, delicate butterfly. Would you believe a butterfly could fly 3,000 miles in about two months? Would it be possible for that butterfly to fly to the same location in a distant country that one of its predecessors had flown from 5 or 6 generations ago? Yet not just one but millions of monarch butterflies do so, turning the trees in Mexico from green to orange as they migrate from the fields in Texas or Louisiana. How is that possible? I think the young girl would say “Daddy, God made butterflies!” Could the professor be wrong and the little girl right?

Watch a short video on the monarch butterfly migration, which ABC News calls “a mysterious miracle”, at

Photograph by John J O’Leary


Author: John and Cindy O'Leary

John and Cindy live in Cave Creek, Arizona, USA. Christian ministry activities include, GriefShare and Alongside Ministries. John is a professional photographer. Cindy is with Honor Health in Scottsdale. Three children - Brian, Danny and Katie - and an amazing dog named Baxter.

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